With a history of more than 50 years and with various names and affiliations, DCLM has the important mission of developing and upgrading the engineering students’ communication skills in foreign languages; it addresses the needs for technical communication necessary in their field of  work in view of their successful professional and social integration into the labour market, which is under permanent change. By means of its teaching activity, which meets the students’ needs, by means of its research activity, which expresses the lecturers’ scientific interests, as well as by means of its professional work, which promotes ethical values, DCLM carries out its mission successfully.


Specialized languages can only be taught if the students have at least an intermediate knowledge level of a foreign language. The practical course has two major objectives:

  1. Developing the engineering students' communication competence in a foreign language

    Throughout its stages of teaching (general language, technical specialized language, professional communication), the practical course aims at developing the four fundamental skills: oral and written comprehension, oral and written communication (listening, speaking, reading, writing). Our goal is to develop the engineering students’ language knowledge in terms of scientific and technical vocabulary; we teach them the specific structures of the technical and scientific discourse, we help them develop strategies of learning and self-documentation in a foreign language in order to stimulate their individual learning and to enable them to use the specialized foreign language in real situations of communication.

  2. Developing the engineering students’ professional integration skills

    Another important objective of the foreign language course for professional communication is to develop professional integration skills meant to facilitate the engineering students’ efficient integration into the labour market after graduation. The foreign language course approaches aspects that are likely to enhance the students’ cultural awareness, their awareness regarding their learning needs, the importance of human interrelations, the necessity of adapting to the diversity of the globalized world for their personal and professional development in a multicultural environment.

    The practical course follows the methodology of the student-centered education and the principles of learning individualization and awareness. Thus, communicative teaching activates the students’ prior language knowledge, and at the same time, it encourages them to take an active part in the teaching-learning process, with a view to gaining learning autonomy.

Foreign Languages

The foreign languages taught to the Romanian students of POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, according to the approved curriculum, are:


Romanian Language and Culture is taught to the foreign students studying at FILS, UPB.  For each foreign language, the teaching activity is based on a syllabus. Moreover, the Department of Communication in Modern Languages offers courses of Romanian language for foreign students in the Master and PhD programmes.